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This St. Louis artist is exactly that, an artist. After listening to her it became clear to me that it’s impossible to place her into a box. One song may give you a soulful R&B type of vibe, while another track will hit you with a trap soul feel decorated with relatable lyrics. Bria Royale is a native of St. Louis currently attending Lincoln University of MO, she is 23 years-old and has been doing music since the age of 16. I sat with Bria Royale and asked her some questions about her music; this is what she had to say.

So Bria what influenced you to do music?

Well I’ve been rapping for a while and it all started by me hanging out with my homies hearing them spit so I decided to write one day gather a group and shot a video to a song released It and got like 4,000 views in a day we was the talk of the school everybody was vibed out to our song.

I noticed your mixtape “Royale” hit 80,000 views how did you feel about that?

Well living in a city where it’s so much hate and everybody wants to be noticed, it kind of shocked me that people really messed with my music. I was expecting like 200 downloads, but then it just started rising from 1,000-5,000 and hella streams and views.

Name two artist you plan on collaborating with this year?

REACEYUNG  and EVI DA PRINCE the Midwest needs to hear them more it’s too much fake music and the real music is being ignored we need to get the generation together.

When will we hear your next project?

I’m currently working on a EP with my producer Black Grits, he is so talented and I know this project is going to go viral and hit the charts.



Check out her music video below.




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